15 Free Marketing Report Templates for More Efficient Agency Reporting in 2023

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    Does the “always on” mode sound familiar? Yes?

    But we bet it sometimes feels like you spend too much of that time on repetitive, manual tasks instead of doing meaningful work. With so many internal and external expectations, client requests, competition, lack of staff and resources, things may seem to be getting out of control.

    What if we told you we had a simple, yet permanent solution? Databox specializes in helping busy agency owners, executives, and marketers just like you become more efficient with your time and achieve better results with the resources you have.

    From our library of over 200 free dashboard report templates, we selected the best 15 marketing report examples to boost your reporting process, save your precious time, and allow you to monitor and analyze all your data in one place.

    The reports you build in Databox update automatically, so sharing your updated reports with your boss/clients at the end of the week or month is as simple as emailing a link. And the best part: you can use them as long as you want to on our free forever plan and only upgrade to a premium plan if/when you need to.

    Let’s dive right into the templates.

    1. Email Marketing Report Template
    2. Social Media Report Template
    3. SEO Report Template
    4. Content Marketing Report Template
    5. PPC Report Template
    6. Web Analytics Report Template
    7. Facebook Marketing Report Template
    8. Google Ads Report Template
    9. Facebook Ads Report Template
    10. HubSpot Marketing Report Template
    11. Monthly Marketing Performance Report Template
    12. Marketing Automation Report Template
    13. YouTube Video Marketing Report Template
    14. Instagram Overview Report Template
    15. HubSpot Lead Generation Report Template

    1. Email Marketing Report Template

    Do your email campaigns have a good ROI? You won’t know if you should pour in more or less money into email marketing until you’re able to track all your key metrics, in one place, and in real-time.

    Our easy-to-use email marketing reporting template allows you to quickly gather information about your email campaigns’ performance: how many landing page sessions come from your emails? What devices does your audience use to read your emails? Which email campaigns are the most successful?

    email marketing report template

    Download this free email reporting template and track: sessions from email, signups from email and other relevant metrics, customize the dashboard to fit your needs, or explore more templates from our library.

    2. Social Media Report Template

    Jumping from platform to platform, taking screenshots, and manually pulling the data from multiple social media networks is tiring. Luckily, our centralized social media report template helps you access all your data from social media platforms in one place and automate your reporting process.

    You can easily customize the dashboard to include the metrics that matter the most for your business goals: Facebook likes, Twitter followers, Instagram reach, sessions, and more. You get a consolidated report that will help you draw conclusions faster and adjust your social media strategy accordingly.

    social media report template

    Download this template, customize it to fit your needs, or explore other similar templates in our library.

    3. SEO Report Template

    Do you combine various tools to track your SEO efforts? You don’t need to get entangled in multiple reports and spend hours creating a consolidated presentation. You can use a Databox dashboard template with SEO metrics to monitor your keywords, ranking, and backlinks.

    Thanks to the numerous integrations we offer, you can populate your data dashboard with metrics from SEMrush, Ahrefs, Moz, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and other tools, and have a simple overview of your most important metrics in one place. With automated reporting software, you save hours of building reports from scratch, and you get to act instantly in case you spot an issue on your website.

    SEO Report Template

    Download an SEO report template for free, add and remove metrics as you see fit, choose different visuals, or check out other SEO reporting templates.

    4. Content Marketing Report Template

    Which blog posts attract the most visitors to your website?

    Do your CTA banners convert?

    Are visitors returning to read more?

    Your website is one of your most powerful online marketing tools, especially if you invest in an educational, engaging blog. A content marketing report helps you evaluate your performance and justify your budget when necessary.

    In this content marketing report template, you can easily track your most popular pages, dwell time, pageviews, pages per session, and other relevant metrics. Based on your goals, you can customize the dashboard and remove unnecessary metrics and add the ones that you need to measure. You can also pick the visualizations that you like instead of the existing ones.

    content marketing report template

    Download the free content marketing report template or visit our content marketing template library to find similar templates.

    5. PPC Report Template

    Whether social media or Google ads, paid advertising can be challenging and it’s critical to target the right audience and carefully craft your message. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting your budget on ineffective ads and not getting any ROI. A real-time PPC report comes in incredibly handy for you to monitor your ads and adjust the budget, audience, and other parameters when necessary.

    In our PPC report template, you can track and analyze metrics like impressions, CTR, and CPC. You get a centralized view of your Facebook ads, Google ads, or any other campaigns you’re running at the moment.

    ppc report template

    Download the PPC report template now and adjust it to your needs, or explore other PPC templates to find other dashboards you may like.

    6. Web Analytics Report Template

    Is your website bringing in new leads? How much traffic does your blog generate?

    Is your bounce rate suddenly increasing?

    Being on top of your website metrics will allow you to take action, whether you notice positive or negative trends and fix issues or seize opportunities timely. This is where a web analytics report comes in.

    In our web analytics dashboard (former Google Analytics), you can track metrics like sessions per channel, average time on page, or bounce rate, and produce weekly reports more easily, without spending hours taking screenshots and putting together a presentation.

    web analytics report template

    Download the web analytics report template from our template library, or explore it for more fully customizable dashboard examples.

    Lastly, check our full guide on the crucial differences between analytics and reporting.

    7. Facebook Marketing Report Template

    Organic social media posting can help you reach new audiences, but only if you’re able to track your performance and modify your strategy when you discover a tactic is working or not. To learn if you’re successful, you need to track metrics such as page visits, post reach, click actions on page, followers by gender or location, and more.

    With this free Facebook marketing template, you’ll have an overview of your Facebook performance at a glance. You’ll be able to share the report with your whole team effortlessly and spend minutes, not hours, generating new reports each week to stay on top of your performance.

    facebook marketing report template

    Download the Facebook marketing report template and track the metrics you need, or choose a similar template from our library.

    The quality of your ad can make or break your position compared to your competitors. To outrank them, you need to monitor your ads performance closely and track your cost per conversion and other metrics.

    In our all-in-one Google Ads Competitive Health dashboard, you can track your average impressions, CTR, CPC, and more. This overview will give you complete insight into the changes in your Google ads in real time so you can quickly adjust them to drive better results.

    google ads report template

    Download the template and tailor it to your needs or check out our template library for similar report templates.

    9. Facebook Ads Report Template

    Are your Facebook ads reaching the right audiences? Is your audience seeing your ads too frequently? Is your ad copy persuasive enough? These are all the questions you can answer if you track your Facebook ad preformance daily.

    By tracking the metrics available in this dashboard template, you can evaluate the effectiveness of your Facebook ads, without jumping from one screen to another. You’ll get a real-time overview of your active campaigns and monitor your CPC, frequency, cost per lead, ROAS, and more, all in one place.

    facebook ads report template

    Download this report template from our library or explore more similar templates. Remember that you can add or remove any metrics to tailor the dashboard to your needs, or replace the existing visualizations with new ones.

    10. HubSpot Marketing Report Template

    Where does your audience come from? Which sources are converting visitors to leads? Are you going to reach your goal number of leads this month?

    The HubSpot marketing report template can answer these questions for you. Track metrics like number of website visitors, sessions by source, or conversion rates to learn more about your performance. You can share this report with your team or send it to your manager in a few clicks. Moreover, the report shows real-time data in one place so no need to collect screenshots and paste them together.

    hubspot marketing report template

    Would this template improve your reporting process? Download it now or find more examples in our template library.

    11. Monthly Marketing Performance Report Template

    No need to spend hours preparing marketing reports every month. By downloading our dashboard report template, you can save time and create beautiful presentations for the whole team.

    The Monthly marketing performance report provides you with an overview of your complete marketing strategy. You can track metrics like sessions, new contacts, emails opened, blog post views. These insights will help you learn which sources generate the most traffic and conversions and if you’re making progress toward your lead generation goals.

    monthly marketing performance report template

    To download this template, visit our template library. While you’re there, explore more customizable templates similar to this one!

    12. Marketing Automation Report Template

    Do your visitors use your website chat when they need help? If so, you’ll want to know how many visitors use it or what your response time is. If you use Drift, this dashboard template is ideal for keeping an eye on campaigns and number of prospects generated through them.

    Even if you’re not using Drift, you can pull the data from 100+ sources and use this template to monitor your chat conversations. Track the heatmap to identify your busiest days and improve your chat support for higher customer satisfaction.

    marketing automation report template

    To download this template, visit our template library. Customize the template to fit your needs or choose another one from our collection of over 250 marketing templates.

    13. YouTube Video Marketing Report Template

    YouTube is the most popular search engine after Google. Your audience is most likely already there, so video marketing should be an essential part of your overall strategy. How will you track your subscriber rate, watch time, comments, and other relevant metrics?

    This YouTube video marketing report template allows you to get a centralized overview of the most important data in real time. This way, you can easily identify your most popular videos and work on replicating your most successful tactics.

    youtube video marketing report template

    Download this free template and customize it according to your needs, replace the existing visualizations with new ones, or find more similar templates in our library.

    14. Instagram Overview Report Template

    Active social media presence allows you to raise brand awareness and reach a variety of audiences, so a business profile on Instagram is a great idea. The only question is: do you really need to scroll and click for hours to get the latest stats on your performance?

    Thanks to our dashboard templates, you won’t need more than a few minutes to generate reports for your managers, clients, or team members. Moreover, you will be able to see all the data in one place and in real time, so you can act quickly if you identify an issue.

    instagram overview report template

    Download this template from our library and explore more fully customizable reports to boost your marketing reporting process.

    15. HubSpot Lead Generation Report Template

    How many leads did you generate last week? Is your landing page performing well? Which sources brought in the most leads?

    The HubSpot lead generation report template can help you answer these questions at a glance. This easy-to-understand dashboard allows you to track metrics like new leads by source and progress toward reaching your landing page conversions goals. By monitoring these (and more) metrics, you can determine whether your lead generation strategy needs modification.

    hubspot lead generation report template

    Download this free marketing template and find more similar ones to customize and include in your marketing reporting process.

    Put Your Marketing Reporting on Autopilot with Databox

    Brainstorming with your team instead of screenshoting.

    Writing and testing instead of manually entering data into a spreadsheet.

    Working on a strategy instead of endlessly scrolling and jumping from one platform to another to make reports.

    That sounds like an ideal world where you can put repetitive tasks on autopilot and do meaningful marketing.

    Luckily, this ideal world can be your own with Databox. We’ve come up with fully customizable dashboard templates to make your job easier and remove the burden of reporting. Instead of the tedious process of collecting the data and building reports from scratch, you can actually have fun creating automated reports and choosing visualizations to make the presentation visually beautiful, clear, and concise.

    Reporting has never been faster, easier, and more fun. But don’t take our word for it — see for yourself. Create your free Databox account and get started today.


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