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Are you wasting hours building client reports every month?

In addition to all of Databox’s core features, take advantage of features and programs designed to help agencies deliver more predictable performance for every client.

Automate your client reporting, track performance in real time, report results as they happen, and more...

Client Performance Client Performance
View every client’s top KPIs and goals in one screen. Eliminate the work required for internal review of client performance and goal achievement.
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Client Performance Client Management
Create, delete and update client accounts all by yourself.
Client Performance User Management
Add, remove and manage permissions for internal users and client accounts.
Client Performance Looped Databoards
Loop together multiple Databoards to tell a story around your client’s performance. Share, use and present live views of data via your browser or TV.
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Client Performance Clone Databoards
Create standardized reports for different services. Organize templates in your account for reuse with multiple clients.
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Client Performance Scheduled Snapshots
Schedule a snapshot to receive a daily, weekly or monthly update on your performance. Paste month-end and quarter-end Snapshots in reporting slide-decks.
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Client Performance Embedded Reports
Embed live Databoards into html pages to provide more context to your team or clients.
Client Performance Annotations
Add your insights and observations directly to your Databoards so your clients can easily map your activities to results.
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Client Performance Alerts & Notifications
Set performance alerts so your clients will see when goals are hit or when important metrics improve by a specified percentage.
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Spend less time on reporting and more time on strategy and execution

Save time on reporting
No more having to copy and paste from multiple data sources into spreadsheets and slide decks for every client. Create your own standard reports from scratch (or leverage our pre-built report templates), then roll them out to clients in one click.

All your clients’ KPIs and goals in one place
Connect all of your clients’ performance data and monitor both performance and progress toward client goals on one screen. Read more about Client Performance.

Never miss a target again
Set and visualize client goals against current performance, so you always have a real-time sense of how each client is performing and can make adjustments accordingly. Being an agile, data-driven agency has never been easier.

Create dashboards once and reuse for every client
Forget having to start from scratch every time you want to create a dashboard for a client. With Databox, you can clone your dashboards across as many client accounts as needed and each client’s unique data will automatically populate.

Loop Databoards together for presentations
Once you have all of your Databoards built in your Agency Account, you can loop them together for client reports and presentations. Then, you can share a streaming URL to your presentation that loops and dynamically updates with real-time data.

Schedule performance updates on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis
Scheduled Snapshots help make Databox a regular part of your team’s and your client's routine. Schedule Databoards to be sent out at a specified date and time so that everyone is up-to-date on the latest performance trends. No more surprises.

Share observations in real-time
With Annotations, you can add your insights and observations directly to your Databoards so your clients can easily map your activities to results.

Give clients real-time access to the metrics that matter
Tired of doing mid-month decks? Make it easy for clients to view data anywhere–on their mobile phone, office wall TV, or a bookmarked URL.

Brand your dashboards with your agency’s logo, colors
Have full control over the look, feel, and branding of the dashboards you share with your clients. Add your brand logos and colors to your dashboards to ensure consistency and impress clients and prospects.

Want help getting set up?

Agency life is busy. We get it. Here’s how we can help.

Guided Onboarding

Guided Onboarding offers a personalized 1:1 onboarding experience based on the types of clients you serve, your service offering, and the tools you’re currently using. You do the work, but we’ll guide you.

Quick Start Onboarding

Quick Start Onboarding is the fastest way to get Databox setup and the most-assured way to drive usage across your agency. Our team will help you build your initial Databoards and then train you on the system.

Agency Consulting

Agency consulting partners you with a Databox expert to help you leverage realtime access to data and goal performance to improve client performance. Each month we'll help you plan client campaigns, analyze results, and implement Databox fully.

Here are some additional ways that we help agencies

Partner Directory

Get listed in our partner directory and increase your agency’s exposure to thousands of Databox users across a variety of industries.

Get Certified

Certified and Premier certifications help establish competitive differentiators and position your agency as data-driven and agile.

Discounted Pricing

Add client licenses in bulk and save money with discounted pricing.


Collaborate on original research, submit guest posts, video tutorials, and boost your visibility and expertise to a wider audience.

Affiliate Program

Earn monthly income from your existing content related to data, performance, or Databox.

Adopt New Tech

Learn from and collaborate with Databox's 65+ and growing software partners.

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