Achieve Predictable Performance in Your Organization

Stop having unproductive reporting meetings with out-of-date reporting decks.

Adopt the Predictable Performance Methodology so you’re in control over your company’s performance today, next month and beyond.

The Predictable Performance Training Course

Predictable Performance is about creating an environment where you and your team are in control of the company’s performance today, next week, next month, and beyond.

This free business analytics training course will teach you how to align your team around the right metrics and goals, analyze performance as it happens, adjust plans based on performance insights and ultimately-- predict future performance across your whole company.

28:02 Align Thumbnail
Chapter 1: Align
Run time: 28 minutes
  • Lesson 1:
    Identifying the right metrics to track
  • Lesson 2:
    Setting the right goals
19:44 Analyze Thumbnail
Chapter 2: Analyze
Run time: 19 minutes
  • Lesson 1:
    How to analyze your performance
  • Lesson 2:
    Building your dashboards
14:28 Adjust Thumbnail
Chapter 3: Adjust
Run time: 14 minutes
  • Lesson 1:
    Becoming a Predictable Playmaker
  • Lesson 2:
    How to adjust your strategy based on data
11:16 Adopt Thumbnail
Chapter 4: Adopt
Run time: 11 minutes
  • Lesson 1:
    Build an annual performance model
  • Lesson 2:
    Adopt a planning & communication cadence

Why You Need Predictable Performance

Most companies don’t know how their business performed today. They certainly can't predict how they'll perform next month, quarter, and beyond.

But, how is this possible? Today, most organizations use software to execute almost every business process and these tools measure everything for us, right?

Yes, however, most organizations are overwhelmed with so much data in so many systems, that insights are almost impossible to find.

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Think about it — Your performance data lives in dozens of different tools. Even if you are an expert in each tool and know how to find and analyze it using the umpteen different interfaces, it’s extremely time-consuming to do so.

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Or if you’re putting together reports and distributing them–then, you have to piece data together from multiple tools by taking screenshots, downloading CSVs, copying and pasting data into spreadsheets and slide decks. By the time it’s presented to others, it’s already outdated and usually too late for you and your team to act on it.

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And if your organization actually takes the time to meet to analyze data, many people don’t understand what different metrics even mean, so those meetings usually devolve into basic Q&A sessions, leaving little time left for discovering insights and making decisions that will improve performance.

These antiquated processes make everyone’s job harder.

Especially yours.

But, what’s the alternative?

Without a process, how will you know which initiatives you and your team should be prioritizing in order to move the needle? How will you know if you’re off track and when you should course-correct? How will you communicate the value of your work to others – your boss, your team, or your clients?

This is why we’ve created the Predictable Performance Methodology and training program.

How Predictable Performance Works

The methodology is simple—a 3-step discipline that allows you to Align around the right metrics and goals, Analyze the right data quickly and clearly, and Adjust your plans when it matters most.

It empowers every individual in your organization to contribute to predictable company performance.

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Success can’t be achieved unless it’s defined. The first step in making performance predictable is to pick metrics and set goals that will measure the success of your initiatives.

  • Pick the metrics that will track your output and measure your impact.
  • Confidently set goals that are achievable.
  • Make sure your stakeholders agree on what success looks like.


Once everyone is aligned around what success looks like, the next step is to make data actionable by making performance insights accessible to everyone at all times.

  • Make up-to-date and historical performance data available everywhere to everyone on your team.
  • Make sure you’re on track to achieve the goals you’ve set.
  • Understand the correlation between your outputs and the outcomes they produce.


Now that everyone can monitor performance as it happens, adjust your plans to ensure goals are hit and performance is maximized.

  • Understand performance and make adjustments in real-time as things happen.
  • Plan initiatives and prioritize execution based on current performance.

Once each individual on your team has mastered the process of Aligning their Goals, Analyzing their Data and Adjusting their Plan, this training program will teach your organization how to develop a long-term plan, prioritize the initiatives that move the needle and communicate on a monthly, weekly and daily basis-- all to ensure your company achieves Predictable Performance.

Start transforming your business now!
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Apply Predictable Performance to Key Areas of Your Business

Are you stuck on how to improve specific areas of your business? Not really sure where to start? Our library of Predictable Playbooks can help you prioritize the most important initiatives, choose specific KPIs to improve, and make your company's performance more predictable.

Browse Our Predictable Playbooks >

Why Predictable Performance Works

Predictable Performance is about just that-- being able to predict and achieve performance improvements.

It’s about creating an environment where everyone knows the impact of today’s work, and is able to analyze their performance in order to improve it tomorrow.

Where everyone knows what the most important metrics are and is monitoring them all the time. Where instead of setting vague annual goals, they’re specific and set monthly to inspire short-term action. Where adjustments can be made on the fly in order to make progress faster and more efficiently.

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With Predictable Performance, you don’t need to spend hours digging around for the insights you need. It isn’t dependent on monthly or quarterly reporting meetings, or cut-and-paste and out-of-date spreadsheets and slide-decks.

Instead, because everyone knows the status of initiatives, progress towards goals, and the activities that drive results – everyone is able to make the adjustments that improve performance-- predictably.