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Goal tracking to make performance more predictable

Goals aren’t hit in a spreadsheet. With Databox, you can visualize your goals against current performance so you can make adjustments when they matter most.

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Set and track goals for any metric

Set and track goals for any metric

Goals shouldn’t live in a spreadsheet away from any context. With Databox, you can set goals for any of the metrics (from any of the data sources) you’re already tracking. You can track and manage your goals all from one screen, or, visualize goal progress toward any metric in your dashboards.

Databox helps you set realistic weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly goals

Visualize progress in real time

Forget logging into a bunch of different tools to find out how your numbers are trending. In Databox, any of the goals you’ve set can be visualized against current performance in your dashboards.

Analyze your progress toward goals on any dashboard

Analyze your progress toward goals on any dashboard

Once you’ve set your goals, you can monitor your progress against them on any dashboard using any number of visualization types—gauge chart, progress bar, tables, line or bar charts, number blocks and more. Use dashboards to compare performance of different metrics over time to get a full picture of why you are or aren’t hitting your targets.

Get notified when goals are off track

Get notified when goals are off track

No more waiting until the end of the month or quarter to do anything about your progress toward goals. With Databox, you can set performance alerts that notify you when your goals are likely, or unlikely, to be hit. Customize the notification criteria and automate meaningful performance updates to anyone on your team who needs them.

Track progress toward goals no matter where you are

Track progress toward goals no matter where you are

With access via Desktop, TV, and mobile devices, you’ll always know whether your goals are on target. Use the Databox mobile app to track your current progress toward goals, including the percentage of the goal that’s been hit and the number of days left to hit it. Display your performance to goals on a TV on your office wall to keep your team focused on needle-moving activities. Monitor performance to goal in meetings and on conference calls using your browser. Send your goal progress to yourself or team members via email, Slack, or mobile push notification.

Turn high-level goals into short-term action

Turn high-level goals into short-term action

High-level goals aren’t always actionable for teams and individuals. Now, when you set monthly goals in Databox, our tool will automatically calculate the associated weekly and daily goals, too. This way, everyone will have a measurable way to track progress every day, week, month, and beyond. Same goes for annual and quarterly goals. Need to adjust goals for a specific period? No problem. You can do that too.

Set realistic goals using your historical data
When you’re setting a new goal in Databox, you’ll see your current daily, weekly, and monthly performance. Quickly compare your past performance to your target in order to set realistic goals.

Assign goals to teams and individuals
No more confusion as to which teams or individuals own specific goals. In Databox, you can assign goals to better monitor the progress every team and individual is making toward your company’s goals. See which teams need further support in order to hit goals and prioritize accordingly.

Set goals for future time periods
Set targets for upcoming weeks, months, and quarters. Take seasonality, vacation plans, hiring plans–or anything else you anticipate will impact your performance–into account when setting future targets.

Store your goal history
Since goals change over time, we made it easy to go back and see any goal value that was set for the previous week, month, quarter, or year. Plot your historical performance and your historical goals on a line chart and see how you’ve done over longer periods of time. Over time, get more confident in your ability to set realistic targets.

Examples of Business Goals in Databox

With Databox, you can set and track goals for any type of metric, no matter your department, industry, or type of business.

Increase Signups by 2x, Website Conversion Rate
New Customers, Blog Posts Published

Here’s how easy it is to set goals in Databox

Create a free account
Create a free account
Select a data source
Select a data source
Select a metric
Select a metric
Set the goal value
Set the goal value
Set the goal owner
Set the goal owner
Paul Schmidt

“With the Goals feature, I can see if I’m on track or off track within the first few days of the month, instead of trying to accelerate performance mid-month. With the Goals feature in the mobile app, my team has the ability to stay in tune with client data because we have access to it anywhere, anytime.”

Paul Schmidt, Senior Marketing Strategist at SmartBug Media

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Goal Tracking FAQs

How do I set a goal?

Start with our Predictable Performance course where our experts share how to select and set the right goals. Then, follow this help doc to Create a Goal in Databox and start tracking your progress towards your business objectives.

Can I set goals for different time periods?

Yes. You can set Goals for past and future days, weeks, months, quarters, or years. Date Range options for each Goal depend on the date ranges available for the selected metric. Learn more about available date ranges here.

Can I see all the goals my company or team has set up and how we’re trending?

Yes, you can see all the Goals that are set up on the Goals page in your Databox account. You can favorite the ones that are the most important to you and they’ll display on your Home screen in Databox, making their progress easily accessible whenever you log in.

As an agency, can I see all of my clients’ goals on one screen?

You can use the Goals Overview to check all the goals that you have set up for your clients in one place.

Can I add my goals to my Databox dashboards?
Can I get alerted if I’m unlikely to hit a goal?

Yes. You can set two kinds of Alerts—the first notifies you if you are likely/unlikely to hit your goal after 70% of the specific time period has passed, and the second type of Alert will tell you whether or not you’ve hit your goal once the specified time period has expired.

What are examples of goals?

See how 16 Marketers Set and Hit Smart Goals. And if you need more inspiration on setting your own Goals check out our Predictable Performance course so you’re in control over your company’s performance today, next month, and beyond.