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Google Universal Analytics is the most widely used web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. It helps you analyze visitor traffic and which digital marketing strategies perform best, to paint a complete picture of your audience and their needs.

With Databox, your most important Google Universal Analytics KPIs will be transformed into meaningful insights and delivered to your mobile, Apple Watch, TV display or Slack channels. One of the key benefits of Databox is the ability to combine multiple data sources in one place. This will help your team stay on top of the important metrics that drive your business.

Custom metrics and events (Goals,…) available with the use of Databox Metric Builder.

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Recommended Google Universal Analytics KPIs

New Users
% New Sessions
Pages / Sessions
Bounce Rate
Screens / Session
Average Session Duration
Audience Overview
Audience Overview (mobile)
Goal Overview
Goal Completion
Goal Conversion Rate
Sessions by Social Network
Top Pages by Pageviews
Top Source/Medium by Sessions
Sessions by Landing Page
Sessions by Channel
Sessions by Source
Sessions by Organic Keyword
Goal Completion by Channel
Goal Completion by Source
Behavior Overview
Ecommerce Conversion Rate
Ecommerce overview
Revenue by landing page
Revenue by Channel
Revenue by Organic Keyword
Top Sources By Revenue
Avg. Order Value
Avg. Quantity
Avg. revenue per user
Goal Completion by Goal
Sessions by Paid Keyword
Goal Value by Channel
Users by Landing Page
Unique Purchases
Goal Value by Goal
Transactions per User by Channel
Users by Page
Transactions by Source
Transactions per user
Sessions by New vs Returning
Goal Completion by New vs Returning
Product revenue by Product name
Quantity by Channel
Avg. Time on Page
Sessions by Geo Location
Sessions by Top Geo Location
Avg. Quantity by Sources
Goal Value by New vs Returning
Avg. Time on Screen
Quantity by Source
Unique Pageviews
Sessions by Page
Screen Views by Screen Name
Goal Value by Source
Unique Screen Views
Screen Views
Transactions per User by Source
Users by Organic Keyword
Users by Source
Top Events by Sessions by Label
Revenue per Visit
Transactions by Channel
Goal Value
Sessions by Social Networks
Ecommerce Conv Rate by Source
Users by Channel
Bounce Rate by Landing Page (Organic)
Pageviews by Page (Organic)
Total Events by Page
Sessions by Source (Organic traffic)
Sessions (Mobile vs Tablet & Dektop traffic)
Mobile vs Tablet & Desktop Sessions
Avg Session Duration (Mobile vs Tablet / Desktop)
Bounce Rate by Channel Grouping
Avg Session Duration by Channel Grouping
Keywords by Sessions (Paid traffic)
Sessions by Event Label (New users)
Top Sources/Mediums by Sessions
Organic Sessions
New Users by Device Category (Organic)
Pages/Session (Organic)
Bounce Rate (Paid traffic)
Avg Session Duration (Paid traffic)
Bounce rate by Source/Medium (paid traffic)
Pages/Session (Paid traffic)
Avg Page Load Time
Avg. Load Time by Popular Pages
Avg. Server Response Time by Country
First impression Value
Impression Assisted Conversions
Impression Assisted Value
Total Conversions
Total Conversion Value
Assisted Conversions
Assisted Conversion Value
First Interaction Conversions
First Interaction Value
Last Interaction Conversions
Last Interaction Value
Non-Organic Sessions
Sessions / Users
Revenue per User
Pageviews Per Session
Screen Views per User
% New users
Visitor to Lead Conversion Rate
Sessions by Source %
Sessions by Channels %
Additional Custom metrics are available with the use of Databox Metric Builder.
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