Databox vs. Klipfolio Klips


Databox: The Best No-Code Alternative To Klipfolio Klips

We get it – reporting season can be tough for agencies. Tight deadlines, unrealistic client expectations, and hours wasted trying to navigate complex reporting tools. So why settle for the hassle when you can choose Databox, the best alternative to Klipfolio Klips.

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3 Reasons to Choose Databox as Your Klipfolio Klips Alternative

Built for Simplicity and Efficiency

Tired of wrestling with a spreadsheet-like setup to build your perfect dashboard? There is a better way. With Databox, you don’t need to be a tech-wiz to create beautifully designed dashboards. Our no-code features and intuitive interface will allow you to easily add, customize, and arrange your data to create presentations that will impress your clients.

Integrated Notification Systems and Goals

In the fast-paced world of marketing, being proactive is key. That’s why goals and notifications are not just for internal teams; agencies also need these powerful tools to stay ahead of the curve. By creating custom alerts and goals in Databox, you’ll be able to quickly react to any changes in performance and address issues before they become bigger problems.

AI-Powered Features Designed to Help You Grow

We understand that confident prediction requires leveraging cutting-edge technology. With Databox Forecasts, you’ll have a better idea of what the future has in store for you and your clients. Identify trends, set more realistic goals, and align client expectations with the power of AI.

Databox vs Klipfolio Klips at a Glance

Find the right business intelligence solution for your agency with this simple comparison of the top 6 features of Databox and Klipfolio Klips.

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Easy to create, customize and share dashboards

Creating dashboards in Databox is easy. You can choose to use any of the 140+ dashboard templates or build from scratch using drag-and-drop actions. Once you’ve created your dashboards, you can save your own templates and seamlessly share them with client accounts to ensure a smooth client setup.

Straightforward interface but customization is overly technical

Klips is known to have a steeper learning curve when it comes to building dashboards. While the dashboard editor is pretty straightforward, editing metrics and visuals can be a challenging task for average users. When building your first dashboard, you’ll get to pick from a limited number of templates in-app. After your initial setup, dashboard templates are only available through the website.


4,000+ pre-defined metrics and easy to use Metrics Tools

As soon as you connect your first Data Source, you’ll be able to browse a library of 4,000+ pre-defined metrics. If you can’t find the metric you need, you can create additional custom and calculated metrics using the Metric Builder and Metric Calculations features. No coding skills are required!

Only 330 pre-defined metrics. Technical skills are required for Custom Calculated metrics

Klips has a library of around 330 pre-defined metrics. To create custom and calculated metrics, some coding knowledge is required.


70+ native integration and more options to cover all your reporting needs

Connect your data to Databox using any of our 70+ native integrations. Go beyond what’s natively available by connecting SQL Databases, spreadsheets, and Custom API integrations. Or push data into Databox using the Rest API.

Native integrations and other options

Klipfolio offers a few different ways to sync data into its platform. You’ll get to connect native integrations, SQL databases, REST API, FTP files, emailing files, and spreadsheets.

Goals and Alerts

Set Goals and create Alerts to proactively monitor performance

Easily create goals and track your progress, from a single screen. Take it a step further by creating Alerts that keep you in the loop with how your numbers are trending.

No Goals or Alerts available

Klipfolio Klips does not offer Goals and Alerts.


Create presentation-style reports and automate your processes

Creating monthly or weekly reports is easy. You can choose to either use a Report template or create one from scratch using the different slide types (text, image, Data Stories, side-by-side, and dashboard). Using Report Automation, you can then schedule your Reports to automatically export your data daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly – without sacrificing quality!

No similar Reports feature

Klipfolio Klips does not offer a similar feature to Databox Reports. To create a Report, users would have to rely on scheduled email snapshots to export Dashboards as a PDF. At the moment, there is no option to create a presentation-style report that includes text, images, and other advanced features like Data Stories.

AI Features

Predict the future with Metric forecasts

Predict future performance and create more realistic goals and strategies with Forecasts. But that’s not all! We’re constantly innovating and releasing more advanced features like Generative AI, Anomaly Detection, Advanced Benchmarks, and Metric Correlations.

Only a crystal ball will help you

Klipfolio Klips does not offer any AI features.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For it

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  • Ease of use

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    Klipfolio: 8.1

  • Ease of setup

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    Klipfolio: 8.0

  • Ease of admin

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    Klipfolio: 8.5

  • Meets requirements

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    Klipfolio: 8.8

What Makes Databox so Great?

We’ll be honest with you; we might be a little biased. But don’t just take our word for it! Check out what our awesome customers have to say about why they love using Databox!

4.8 out of 5 stars

“There are so many things I love about Databox. First, it’s very intuitive. You don’t need to be a data expert. You can integrate data seamlessly from different resources. I have tried Power BI, Tableau, Google Data Studio. And I prefer Databox.”

Matteo Graceffa, Co-founder at WinLeads

“We’re able to pull data from multiple sources into a single-page dashboard for our clients and our own business. Something we can’t always do in other software packages (such as Marketing and CRM), so we rely on Databox to give us all the metrics we need in a single view.”

David Leahy, Marketing Consultant at Brucey

Make the Right Choice

While both Databox and Klipfolio Klips are good business analytics platforms for marketing agencies, the needs of each agency are different.
Databox is the perfect tool for you if…

  • You need an easy-to-use but still very powerful business intelligence platform.
  • You want to quickly and easily build live dashboards for all your clients.
  • You want to standardize and automate your reporting process.
  • You want to keep track of all your client’s most important KPIs with goals and alerts.
  • You want to confidently predict future performance and forecast your success.

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