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Databox is easy to use and allows us to use templates or create our own completely custom dashboards to track KPIs from many sources.

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Managing the KPI progress of a 30+ member sales and marketing specialist team had become an intensive and time-consuming challenge.

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Nine months ago, Virayo discovered Databox and began using the tool to visualize data on their clients’ SEO and PPC investments.

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Creating in-depth reports that their clients can't get anywhere else has allowed Nextiny to take a much deeper dive into valuable customer data insights.

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Moved from a heavily manual process to a seamless, integrated approach with clear dashboards and easy-to-create calculations.

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Auden Digital

With Databox, Auden Digital was able to get back to the important work of helping their clients thrive in the digital marketing landscape.

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Retention numbers are growing, while the number of cancellations is dropping. Elenas is looking forward to expanding with Databox.

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Global Message Services

The customer acquisition team needed a robust, flexible, and transparent platform to help them visualize trends and reach goals. Databox was a perfect solution.

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Since they started using Databox, their Performance data is more accessible. They spot trends faster and hit 85% of their goals.

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What our customers say about us...


“Our entire team looks at Databox all day. Seeing our goals and how we're tracking towards them really helps everyone stay aligned, make adjustments as needed, and work better together.”

Andy Cook
Co-founder & CEO at Tettra

"I run demand generation for a startup, balancing my time between big picture strategy and in-the-weeds execution. Databox gives me the real-time picture of my funnel so I can assess performance and act quickly if I'm falling behind.”

Lauren Kersanske
Senior Marketing Manager at Crayon

“Our team saves so much time by no longer having to pull data manually. Now we get to spend more time focused on strategy and finding the insights that make a difference.”

Paul Schmidt
SmartBug Media

“I can calculate things. Not only am I able to put the data in one place, but now I can put together a specific piece of data, calculate it, and get new data that we've never reached before.”

Gabriel Marguglio
CEO & Success Mastermind at Nextiny Marketing

"Manual reporting requires a lot of specific knowledge of other platforms. I think part of what Databox does is eases the burden for marketers to learn reporting in all the different systems. It saves so much time.”

Chris Strom
Founder and Principal at Clear Pivot

“With Databox, we can showcase and see the impact of every individual. And everybody likes to see their own impact on the results in the company they work for.”

Peter Odgaard
CEO at CTGlobal

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“No doubt, Best Mobile Business Analytics solution on the market”

“Dashboard that I was looking for years!!!”

“End to my search for a mobile first analytics platform”

“It's my first to open app every morning.”

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