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Get all of your data into Databox

There are multiple ways to get your data into Databox. Connect via any of our 100+ integrations, connect to data stored in Google Sheets or a SQL database, send via API or Zapier.

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Databox integrations connect all your metrics in one place

Visualize data in minutes with 100+ one-click integrations

The quickest (and easiest) way to visualize your data in Databox is through any of our 100+ integrations. These integrations come loaded with thousands of default metrics, as well as hundreds of pre-configured Datablocks and 200+ pre-built reports that can be setup in minutes.
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Databox Metric Builder for Custom Metrics

Build custom metrics with Metric Builder

Sometimes the preconfigured metrics from the tools we use aren’t enough. With Metric Builder, you can use dimensions and filters to build custom metrics that allow you to pull more granular performance insights. Now, anyone can build the specific metrics they need without any engineering work.
Metric Builder works with: Google Analytics, HubSpot Marketing, Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, LinkedIn Ads, Salesforce, Prosperworks, Zendesk, Mixpanel, Adobe Analytics, Localytics, iTunes Connect, BigQuery, and Snowflake.

Databox Google Sheets

Connect your Google Sheets, then quickly visualize your data

Whether your data is manually entered, downloaded or cut and pasted into Google Sheets, use Databox to build line graphs, pie charts, tables and more. As you update your spreadsheet, your visualizations will reflect the changes automatically in Databox.

Visualizing any metric from a database in Databox

Visualize data from a SQL database

Connect a SQL database, then write SQL directly inside Databox to create metrics that can be visualized in the Databox Designer.

Connect with your data from inside PostgreSQL, MySQL, AWS Redshift, Microsoft SQL Azure, Microsoft SQL Service, Google BigQuery or Snowflake.

Databox API custom data pushing for developers

Push your data in via API

Developers can pull data from anywhere - on or off the cloud -- and push it into Databox. Send Databox your data on your own terms and times. Databox's API is safe, fast, and simple, and we have multiple SDKs to help you on your way.

Databox and Zapier


Zapier acts as a universal data connector that will bridge the gap between Databox and other products. You can send various metrics and events to Databox via Zapier and register them as data points that can be visualized on a Databox Databoard, used to track Goals, receive Alerts and Scorecards.

Get all of your data into Databox

Connect your data to Databox to start tracking your performance from all your systems and software in one spot.

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