35 High-Converting Landing Page Examples + Lessons You Can Learn from Each

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    Have you been looking for landing page examples?

    Admittedly, it’s always helpful to look at examples that inspire your own efforts.

    With landing pages, this is even more important since effective landing pages tend to be high converting. Therefore, by following their lead, you can create a high-converting landing page for your business.

    In this piece, we’ll look at high-converting landing page examples and what makes them so effective at their job. But before we get to the meat of the matter, let’s quickly recap what a landing page is and what elements it should include.

    In short, you’ll learn the following today:

    Google Analytics 4 Landing Page and Lead Tracking Dashboard Template by Databox

    What is a Landing Page?

    A landing page is a standalone web page where a visitor lands after they click on an ad, email, or search result.

    You create a landing page in response to a marketing or advertising campaign to capture your visitors’ information with the aim of nurturing the leads into customers. It’s due to this aim that a landing page is called a ‘lead capture page,’ ‘destination page,’ or ‘static page.’

    What Should be Included on a Landing Page?

    A landing page must include the following:

    1. A headline or optional sub-heading. Make sure your headline is clear and grabs your audience’s attention.
    2. A brief description of what you offer. This is your unique selling proposition (USP) or what makes you stand out.
    3. Supporting visuals. Add a short video or an image that supplements your message
    4. Social proof elements. This could be customer logos, testimonials, or security badges. The goal is simple: gain your visitor’s trust.
    5. An information capturing form. Or a call to action button that encourages your visitor to enter their information.

    Make sure you keep the landing page copy minimal and clear. Have benefits to share as part of your USP? Share them in bullet points instead of lengthy paragraphs. With a landing page builder, like the one by SendPulse, creating a custom landing page takes minutes.”

    Additionally, make sure your landing page’s design is also clean and clutter-free. This way, you can prompt the lead to stay on your page and convert. In fact, the majority, 38.8% to be specific, of our expert respondents think that design is the most important element of a landing page.

    the most important element of a high-converting landing page

    Lastly, a prominent CTA button is essential. CreativeByDST’s Abhishek Aggarwal shares, “This is the element that the rest of the content on the page is designed to drive visitors’ attention to. It’s what ultimately converts visitors into customers.”

    Aggarwal adds some CTA must-haves too. These are:

    • “Make it big. Generally speaking, the bigger, the better.
    • Make your copy compelling. The actual CTA copy is the most significant copy on your entire landing page.
    • Use a button. People have been trained to expect the CTA to be a button. Do not attempt to force back years of expectation by using something other than a button. Stick with the tried and true. People know what to do when they see a button.
    • Use a contrasting color. Your landing page, your company, your stylebook, and your designers all have certain colors that they like. Your landing page has a color scheme. Now, whatever color you use on your CTA, make it different. At the most basic level, your CTA needs to possess color. And, to make it stand out, that color needs to contrast from the other colors on the screen. Contrasting colors help to attract the eye and compel the click.”

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    Ready to see all these landing page elements in action? Let’s walk you through landing page examples next.

    35 Landing Page Examples from Top Companies for Inspiration

    Below you’ll find 35 great landing page examples that our community of experts shared with us. With each example, we’ll also share what makes it effective in converting visitors into leads.

    Let’s get started:

    1. Boomerang
    2. ApogeeINVENT
    3. Soapbox
    4. Design by Reese
    5. SEO.co
    6. Know Your Chickens
    7. Vibrant Media Productions
    8. Greenback Expat Tax Services
    9. Overnight Flowers
    10. Ampmycontent
    11. Mailbird
    12. SoftwarePundit
    13. Breadnbeyond
    14. Packhelp
    15. WakeupData
    16. Pickfu – Split Testing SaaS Tool
    17. Ubisense
    18. Ricemedia
    19. Grazitti Interactive
    20. Funeral Funds
    21. Kinsta
    22. Blogging Wizard
    23. Henry Buys Homes LLC
    24. Tajima Direct
    25. Embossed Co
    26. ConvertFlow
    27. Mama and More
    28. Onedesk, Inc.
    29. Inbound Marketing Agency
    30. Click A Tree
    31. Skuma
    32. With Pulp
    33. IronMonk Solutions
    34. The Homeschool Resource Room

    1. Boomerang

    Let’s start with Boomerang’s landing page as one of the best landing page examples.

    SaaS landing page example

    Boomerang’s Brad McCarty explains their page converts for the following reasons: “Most of our landing pages use this same format. We have taken the time to test and tweak them repeatedly, letting the data drive our decisions.

    Search is the primary traffic driver for this page, and one reason that it converts so well is that it answers the question that was asked. But second to that, we’ve made sure to bring the receipts. We show use cases, include an explainer video, and even give a bulleted walkthrough, all without cluttering the page or taking focus away from the call to action.”

    2. ApogeeINVENT

    Product landing page example

    Lindsey Winsemius from ApogeeINVENT explains why this landing page is such a converter. “This product website converts well because uses basic conversion-optimization techniques:

    1. Keep the design simple
    2. Use a button color that stands out
    3. Include one call to action
    4. Use headers to tell the entire story
    5. Use plenty of white or ‘resting’ space for the eye
    6. Use relevant and few images that help tell the story
    7. Build trust through testimonials
    8. Focus on the conversion for a dedicated landing page, keep the details for the corporate website.
    9. Use persuasive power words on buttons and headers Now, Instantly, Free”

    3. Soapbox

    Product landing page example

    Soapbox’s Hiba Amin shares the backstory of why this landing page works so well. Amin shares, “The search intent for the keywords we target and rank high for is so in line with the content we’re producing.

    For example, when people search for one-on-one meeting templates… We give them 9 possibilities for all of the different types of one-on-ones you can have in the workplace. Not to mention, it’s an incredibly easy transition from ‘I need a template’ to a tool that helps facilitate that exact meeting.”

    4. Design by Reese

    Masterclass landing page

    And why is this page such a conversion magnet? Reese Spykerman from Design by Reese answers: “Because the message is highly targeted and specific. It walks the intended audience through their current frustrations and offers a specific, highly-leveraged (free) solution.

    No wonder, “This page currently converts at 65% (the summit will be finished on Sept 29 :),” in Spykerman’s words.

    5. SEO.co

    SEO  services landing page example

    SEO.co‘s Nate Nead goes into the depths of this landing page’s conversion: “It converts well for several reasons,” Nead comments.

    “First, it ranks well for terms that fulfill commercial search intent.
    Second, it has a video above the fold that increases the on-page dwell-time.
    Third, it has a specific and applicable call-to-action above the fold.”

    6. Know Your Chickens

    Informational landing page

    Alice Ray from Know Your Chickens writes, “This page provides plenty of information in an easy-to-scan design, complete with links to relevant how-to guides. Readers can easily click to this page and have a wide variety of information at their fingertips.”

    7. Vibrant Media Productions

    Video production/photography landing page example

    “We developed some simple landing pages for services/locations that are ‘one-pagers,’” notes Vibrant Media Productions’ Alex Cascio. “We get right to the point, hit our main service offering, one sample (video), phone number, and contact form on a visually pleasing page. This has shown to convert very well for our industry (video production/photography).”

    8. Greenback Expat Tax Services

    Tax services landing page example

    “This page converts extremely well because it answers so many common questions that Americans living and working abroad face when it’s time to file their taxes,” says Carrie McKeegan of Greenback Expat Tax Services. “It provides a wide variety of guides for every situation, and it also includes real-world, actionable tips.”

    9. Overnight Flowers

    Flower shop landing page example

    “In our industry, a page must be attractive,” highlights Overnight Flowers’ Brett Banchek. “It must be filled with pleasing colors and eye-catching images. This will ensure that it’s noticed, and then customers will dig deep and read the important content that it contains.”

    10. Ampmycontent

    content marketing landing page example

    “This page currently converts at around 11% of visitors into customers,” shares Daniel Daines-Hutt of Ampmycontent. “It does well for a number of reasons:

    Reason #1: Some Experience
    First off, I have a background in copywriting and direct response. If you haven’t heard of this before, it’s learning how to get a viewer to take action, measuring the result, and then improving. Traditionally we would run cold ads to viewers at making sales, at a profit. This page is what’s known as a long-form sales page. Its goal is designed to take the reader on a journey.

    Most people don’t buy because they either:

    • Don’t understand what you have
    • Don’t know why they would want it
    • Don’t understand their own problems or have a desire to solve it.

    A long-form page is designed to take them on a journey to meet those areas before you make the offer.

    Reason #2: We improve
    This page and product are in its 3rd iteration now. We track the results, improve the offer, and the page, and we research our customer base to connect.

    Reason #3: We don’t pitch cold
    This page is for our content training academy.

    At a low price, we could simply have it open all the time, but it wouldn’t sell as well.

    Why? Because we want to only pitch people when they are ready for it. This means that we usually present high-value content in advance first, to help them get to that aha moment where they want the offer.”

    11. Mailbird

    Saas landing page example

    Mailbird’s Andrea Loubier talks about their landing page’s conversion: “We have designed our features page in such a way that it includes plenty of content and informative graphics. This way, everything can be found on one page, with links leading to more detailed information. It’s what some might call a one-stop-shop.”

    12. SoftwarePundit

    Review website landing page example

    SoftwarePundit’s Bruce Hogan explains why this landing page converts so well:

    There are three reasons that this page converts exceptionally well for SoftwarePundit:

    • First, it has a table of contents that makes it easy for visitors to navigate the page.
    • Second, it has clear call-to-actions throughout the page.
    • Finally, it’s a piece of content that we invested significant time into – when readers find high-quality content, they are more likely to convert.”

    13. Breadnbeyond

    Video marketing industry landing page example

    Andre Oentoro from Breadnbeyond shares, “Apart from explainer videos, at Breadnbeyond, we also offer animation video creation services for Youtube intros. This is what makes us have to create a special landing page.

    We did it with good copywriting, an eye-catching design, and easy-to-understand pages–not a lot of unnecessary features. We mentioned some examples so that customers understand more quickly. Without a complex call to action, we directly give a PayPal button. By SEO optimizing, we are grateful that this landing page converts enough.”

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    14. Packhelp

    ecommerce landing page example

    “This page coverts so well because we know the people who search the keywords it ranks for,” highlights Phil Forbes of Packhelp. “Reverse engineering the process told us the type of people the problems that these people were having, and we created a landing page that, along with ranking well, shows our customers how we can solve the problems they’re having.”

    15. WakeupData

    Landing page example targeting ecommerce managers

    WakeupData’s Ben Culpin notes, “The landing page is targeted to a very specific persona (eCommerce manager) so everyone who clicks the CTA (Get Feed Audit) has high intent and immediately understands the benefit of filling out the form and getting a free analysis of their product feed. We’ve created copy that outlines value without using too much detail or jargon, and provided screenshots of what they will receive from us by signing up.”

    16. Pickfu – Split Testing SaaS Tool

    Split Testing SaaS Tool landing page example

    William Chin of Pickfu – Split Testing SaaS Tool shares, “This web page converts so well because of the keywords that it ranks for. We spend hours a month curating the content so that it can rank for long-tail keywords that are associated with our highest converters. With these long-tail keywords, the conversion intent of the users is extremely high, and therefore they convert!

    Most CRO gurus put a ton of stock in design and layout. However, copy has proven time and again to be an extremely important aspect for users who want to buy stuff online.”

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    17. Ubisense

    high-value proposition landing page

    “At first sight, the landing page doesn’t seem to follow even the most basic SEO guidelines. The content is thin (less than 500 words) and no multi-media elements (such as videos or images) have been included. So how can such a poorly designed page have a conversion rate of 22% and an ROI of 2400%?” muses Ubisense’s Stefania Borchia.

    “The secret lies in the page’s high-value proposition,” shares Borchia. “First, the page contains the well-established authority brand ‘Gartner’ and the reference to one of their industry-standard reports: the latest ‘Critical Capabilities for Indoor Location Services, Global.’

    These mention of these two keywords alone are enough to attract the attention of potential customers. If the power of Gartner’s authority is then combined with a ‘Download your complimentary report’, the page success is guaranteed: high-quality visitors will most likely agree to exchange their contact details for the download of a PDF whose stand-alone price could be in the range of the thousands (dollars).

    However, the 22% conversion rate would have been hardly achieved if the landing page had not been combined with a well-crafted Google Ads campaign. Due to a low organic ranking and the presence of well-established competitors in the market, the landing page needed an aggressive outreach campaign. And a PPC campaign is the fastest method to achieve high visibility – even for new brands or small market players. Surprisingly, bidding for industry-related terms resulted in more conversions than those that were driven from brand keywords (such as ‘Gartner Report 2020’).

    In conclusion, what makes a page truly successful is how well it communicate its message. A message whose intrinsic value depends on the targeted audience’s needs and wants. A final recommendation: if organic visibility is negatively affected by external factors such as lack of brand awareness or strong competitors, invest (as I did) in a PPC campaign to increase the chances of your value proposition to be discovered by people that counts (to your business).”

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    19. Ricemedia

    SEO agency landing page example

    “Our SEO page converts so well mainly because it combines a modern visual layout with persuasive copy,” summarizes Ricemedia’s Elis Marcu.

    Marcu also shares the details of this wonderful landing page example: “We’ve used large pictures that immediately capture the user’s attention a give a more personal feel to the page and therefore to our services.

    The content not only emphasizes what our potential clients could be gaining, but also what they are missing out on, and everything is backed up by strong calls to action instilling urgency and opportunity.

    We’ve also added testimonials and logos from some of our biggest clients to provide our visitors with the reassurance that we are a reliable company, trusted by market leaders across a variety of industries.”

    20. Grazitti Interactive

    digital services landing page example

    Nancy Kapoor from Grazitti Interactive outlines: “Our goal while creating a landing page is to put a simple, clean, professional, and aesthetically pleasing design out there that has succinct messaging, enough to make the visitor return.

    Landing pages need to be treated carefully since they’re meant to speak volumes of the offers that you have to take your leads to the purchase. An effective and high-converting landing page has the following qualities:

    • A clear, simple, concise, and unambiguous offer
    • Minimal navigation
    • Responsiveness
    • The form above the fold
    • Best use of perfect CTA’s”

    21. Funeral Funds

    Funeral insurance landing page example

    “Our landing page converts at a high rate because it is simple and straightforward,” outlines Randy VanderVaate from Funeral Funds. “Our landing page offers one thing: affordable life insurance coverage if the landing page visitor fills out our quote form. We don’t want our landing page visitors to get distracted with too much text or irrelevant information, so we have kept all text to a minimum.”

    Moreover, VanderVaate points out, “Our Call To Action (CTA) button in bright red stands out and is impossible to miss. Our CTA is big, bold, and commands attention as it is the most colorful and most dominant color on the page. Our CTA text compels our visitors to fill in their information to get the best rate NOW (not later).

    Our visitors have no difficulty navigating and submitting information because they only need to click the information that applies to their unique situation and needs.

    We use the image of an elderly couple who are happy and contented, thereby conveying peace of mind when they opt to buy life insurance from our company.

    We have also included our phone number for people who do not feel comfortable personal information but would rather call us instead.

    We also made sure our landing page is mobile phone responsive with fast page speed load times. This page looks great on a mobile phone (83% of our page visitors visit this page on a mobile device), and it loads fast even with slower internet speeds.”

    22. Kinsta

    Kinsta landing page

    Kinsta’s Tom Zsomborgi goes behind their landing page’s conversion: “This is a very detailed page comparing our services with our main competitor. Leads can see all the key differences, testimonials from happy customers, and a detailed overview of the service they get if they make the switch from this particular company.”

    23. Blogging Wizard

    Newsletter landing page example

    “We have done very little optimization to this page and the headline is not very compelling – we offer a free newsletter,” notes Adam Connell from Blogging Wizard. “But, because the traffic we get to the page is so targeted, it converts at ~35%.”

    24. Henry Buys Homes LLC

    Real estate landing page example

    Henry Buys Homes LLC’s Henry Angeli shares a simple reason behind this landing page example’s conversion: “Form is ‘above the fold’ and my 1st info capture form is very simple to get ‘lazy’ prospects my likely to fill it out.”

    25. Tajima Direct

    Lense replacement landing page example

    Jacob Rosenber from Tajima Direct write about their landing page:

    “The reason it converts so well is first and foremost because it is specific to the user coming in. The more specific and tailored the landing page can be with the information that the user will need/has not seen yet, the better it will convert. The more a user has to navigate and search for the information that is relevant to them, the higher likelihood there is of that user leaving.”

    26. Embossed Co

    Ecommerce landing page example

    “Our highest converting landing page is actually our main homepage,” shares Embossed Co’s Rebecca Jones. “While this may seem odd, this is deliberate. In particular, our homepage has been constructed to act as a kind of marketing funnel.

    The first portion of the page teases our product offering, leaving the reader wanting more. The second portion of the page explains the features and benefits of the product, together with captivating visuals. The third portion of the page displays positive reviews, giving our business credibility and social proof. And the fourth portion of the page has a strong call to action which shows our 5-star rating and encourages the reader to buy.

    Jones continues, “In my experience, the most important element of a high-converting landing page is the copy, but also the themes of the copy and their progression. This means that the copy must begin by hooking the reader’s interest, then establishing value and credibility, and then working to lock in a conversion.”

    27. ConvertFlow

    B2B industry landing page example

    ConvertFlow’s Michael Glover dives into the secrets behind this landing page’s conversion rate: “Design is simple, short, and clear, but also looks sleek and stylish.” Glover adds,

    • “It loads fast.
    • Communicates down the side exactly what the demo will entail.
    • The form itself is multi-step, meaning the whole process isn’t all on one, long, overwhelming page.
    • The form also has conditional actions built into it. This means it redirects users to different steps depending on the answers they give to certain questions. For example, if someone says they are a customer in the first step, they’re diverted to the right version of the demo scheduler. This gives a more personalized experience, increasing the likelihood of conversion.”

    28. Mama and More

    Home renovation landing page

    “It converts well because it specifically answers a problem that my audience has and addresses their objections,” notes Mama and More’s Kaylee Strozyk.

    “This page is not seen by the general public—it’s only viewed by people who are in or close to my target market. I’ve gotten extremely clear on who this product helps and why they need it, plus I’ve made it extremely easy for them to access the material.”

    29. Onedesk, Inc.

    online cleaning services landing page example

    Roman Peysakhovich of Onedesk, Inc. says, “This page converts well because it offers visitors a ton of knowledge on a new product that does not have any easy to read and understand posts about it. When selling a product, you want the page to offer pictures, short snippets of valuable information, and a call to action. You don’t want the page to look like one big document.”

    30. Inbound Marketing Agency

    marketing agency landing page example

    “It is converting well because we directly highlight what we do. It is not something that is filled with glossary words. Straight forward and transparent,” shares Inbound Marketing Agency’s Yash Mehta.

    What’s more, Mehta points out: “The introductory video creates an impact. People don’t have time to go through everything, a small video is good enough. The speed of the landing page. It is light and opens up in a split second.”

    31. Click A Tree

    marketing agency landing page example

    Chris Kaiser from Click A Tree pins downs the reason behind this page’s conversion on one fact: the value offered. Kaiser sums up, “It’s not even particularly beautiful, I’d say, but because of the value we offer (over 100 travel tips), a lot of people sign up.”

    32. Skuma

    Water purification system landing page

    “The best performing page on our website is our product summary page,” shares Skuma’s  Alexandre Mahe. “This is the page where 83% of our paid traffic is directed towards. Simplicity and effective information delivery are the two most important criteria all successful landing pages must abide by.”

    Mahe continues, “The first section of our page is focused on what we are selling. A water purification device. The features of this device as well as our company’s goal are directly visible to the visitor.

    Our second section on this page focuses on what makes our product different from all others in a simple illustration. Lastly, our third and final section focuses on our ask – convert visitors into pre-orders. We use two (CTA) call to action buttons on this page.

    One in our final section and one in our first section just next to the product specifications. Our design choice is based one again on simplicity and the use of our color pallet emphasizes our message one step further. Our average CPC is $0.08 and our CPA (pre-order) is $1.24 which proves the effectiveness of the landing page.”

    33. With Pulp

    digital products and media industry landing page example

    “This landing page converts well primarily due to the headline (which we’ve been fortunate enough to be able to test through Ad Words campaigns), the logos, and the overall messaging,” summarizes Husam Machlovi from With Pulp.

    “The landing page places an emphasis on making an emotional connection with our customers as well as providing hard evidence as to why our services are a good fit for them,” notes Machlovi.

    In short, “The most important element of a high-converting landing page is the sales messaging, or the copy. Starting with the headline, the messaging has to provide a very specific benefit to a very specific audience. From there, the messaging of the landing page should speak to the problem(s) that the prospective customer has and how the product or service can solve those problems,” says Machlovi.

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    34. IronMonk Solutions

    Full service digital creative agency landing page example

    IronMonk Solutions’ Jack Choros explains their landing page example: “Our homepage work so well as a landing page because it looks just like a landing page ‘above the fold’, meaning without scrolling down, it just looks like you need to click to get a free quote. This inspires the user to take action rather than scroll down”

    35. The Homeschool Resource Room

    Homeschool curriculum landing page example

    Ashley Fox of The Homeschool Resource Room outlines the reasons this landing page converts, “This page converts very well because

    1. without scrolling it’s immediately clear what the product is and how it will benefit the reader,
    2. the infographic (below) displays exactly what the reader will get with a view of the inside (no lead magnet needed!), and
    3. this landing page stands out in the market among homeschool sites by displaying images that represent homeschoolers as a diverse group of families with differences that should be celebrated!”
    Google Analytics 4 Landing Page and Lead Tracking Dashboard Template by Databox

    Summing up

    In a nutshell, these landing page examples teach us multiple lessons including:

    • Create a clear landing page that serves a specific audience, solving their problem
    • Use eye-catching visuals including short, to the point videos
    • Don’t clutter the page, keep the text minimal too
    • Use a clear, big size call to action (CTA) button that’s a different color than the rest of the design (so that it catches the audience’s attention)
    • Write a compelling landing page copy with an attention-grabbing headline

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