Wearing too tight underwear - as a result, the normal outflow of the secret is disturbed, as a result of which it stagnates, thus creating ideal conditions for the development of infection.

Violation of the rules of personal hygiene. All sorts of valtrex microtraumas (excellent entry gates for infection): scratching, scuffs, diaper rash. The presence in the body of chronic foci of advanced infection (pyelonephritis, caries) - in this case, excitewhether they enter the Bartholin gland with the flow of lymph or blood. In some cases, operations affecting the urogenital area, if sanitary standards are not observed during their implementation or if the prescribed rules are violated in the postoperative period.

A general decrease in immunity, vitamin deficiency, hypothermia - all this weakens the body's defenses, as a result, infectious agents, without encountering significant obstacles on their way, easily enter both the excretory duct of the gland and the gland itself.

One or both glands can become inflamed. Bartholinitis can take an acute form - with such a course of the disease, its symptoms are clearly expressed. The duration of the acute course of the disease is up to eight weeks. In the transition to a chronic form, the disease has a wave-like course - a relatively stable state is replaced by a sudden exacerbation of the disease. At the same time, the external symptoms of the disease are not pronounced, cysts of the glands are formed. When inflammation of the Bartholin gland cannot be cured for more than two months, its chronic form is diagnosed. With this course, the disease worsens 1-2 times a year.

Inflammation of the Bartholin's gland is of three types:

Inflammation of the excretory duct of the gland. At the same time, its walls swell, but do not close. The outflow of the secret continues. false abscess. With this diagnosis, the duct of the gland closes and the outflow of secretions is impossible. By filling the formation with mucus, it is converted into a cyst. true abscess. With it, the tissues of the gland are destroyed. It fills with pus and enlarges. Substances secreted by microbes and cell decay products poison the body, and the patient's temperature rises.

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A recurrent cyst caused by inflammation of the glands is treated by completely removing the formation. In women, the symptoms of bartholinitis begin with infiltration of valacyclovir pills duct of the Bartholin gland. Its lumen sharply narrows (and then completely disappears), the outflow of the contents of the gland is disturbed, it accumulates in the gland. In response to these changes, the size of the gland begins to gradually increase, a rounded protrusion appears on the surface of the affected labia majora, surrounded by a zone of hyperemia and edema.

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During intercourse, itching and burning may be felt at the entrance to the vagina. When pressing on the gland, purulent discharge appears. In the subsequent stages of bartholinitis, the inflammatory process spreads deep into the organ with the formation of an abscess or cyst.

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In the later stages, when an abscess has already formed, a woman will feel a rather strong, throbbing pain in the area of ​​​​the entrance to the vagina, her health will worsen, chills are possible, body temperature rises to 39 degrees or more, general weakness and malaise, headache. Movement will be accompanied by discomfort or even pain in the perineum, a burning sensation. Redness around the exit site of the excretory duct of the gland - while the patient's well-being does not change. Palpation of an increase in the excretory duct of the gland - while pressing a small amount of pus is released from it. minor pain; feeling of discomfort when moving; the formation of a seal in the affected gland; subfebrile or normal temperature. The rest of the time, the chronic form may not show any special signs. Sometimes there may only be slight pain during movement and sexual intercourse. Also, chronic bartholinitis can provoke the appearance of a cyst of a large gland at the entrance to the vagina.

False abscess of Bartholin's gland. It manifests itself as general symptoms, as well as local changes. The disease begins acutely: there is severe pain in the region of the labia majora, in which an abscess has developed. The pain is aggravated by walking, sitting, during intercourse and passing stools. The body temperature rises to 38-39 ° C, weakness, weakness and chills appear. There is swelling of the labia majora on the side of the lesion. And sometimes it is so pronounced that it closes the entrance to the vagina. The skin over the swelling is reddened, but its mobility is preserved. Probing the labia majora is painful.


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