Databox Insights for your company’s performance

Get updates about your company’s performance as things happen

With Databox Insights, you’ll have a reverse chronological stream of all the important performance updates for your business as things happen.

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Databox Insights stream

Insights delivered when and where you need them

Databox Insights is a reverse chronological stream–like Facebook’s activity stream–giving you updates about the performance of your business (and your client’s performance if you’re using an Agency account) as things happen. Because it’s available on all your devices, you can monitor it anytime, any place.

Choose the types of insights you want to receive

Choose between 6 types of messages that can be delivered inside your Insights activity stream–alerts, goals, annotations, scorecards, activities completed by users in your account, and recommendations.

Get notified when a metric goes over or under a certain threshold, or when it changes by a specific percentage over a specific time period.

Get notified in your Insights stream when it looks like you are unlikely to hit a goal and/or once you’ve hit a goal.

See when team members leave an Annotation on a Databoard and receive the note and a link to the Databoard in your Insights activity stream.

Your Scorecards, daily or weekly updates of your 10 most-important KPIs, can also be delivered right in your Insights activity stream.

Activity notifications
Get notifications based on your team’s activity inside Databox and know how other teams are performing, help others address issues, and recognize and reward when others are performing well—all in real time.

New templates, integrations, and recommendations
Get notified in your Insights activity stream whenever Databox or one of its certified partners publishes new templates, educational content, or when Databox announces a new data integration.others are performing well—all in real time.

Databox Insights stream on all your devices

Use Insights to improve your company’s performance

No more digging around for the updates and insights you need. With the Insights activity stream, you’ll always have the information you need to determine priorities, make decisions, and make adjustments as you go.

Start using Insights

Choose a data source, connect your data, and start receiving Performance Insights tomorrow.

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