Databox Annotations: share the insights

Share the insights and observations that drive performance

With Annotations, you and your team can include insights and observations directly to your Databoards, allowing everyone to map activities to results.

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Data and insights in one place

Add your thoughts, insights, and observations directly to the specific KPIs displayed in any of your team’s Databoards. No more creating separate slide decks with the data, visualizations, and insights added later. With Annotations, your data and insights lives in one place.

Databox Annotation example

Map your activities to results over time

Annotations are mapped to a data source, metric, and a specific date so you can see the activities that influence performance over time.

Databox give your data more visibility across the whole company

Company-wide visibility into performance trends

With Annotations, everyone on your team can see the important insights and observations shared by others in order to have greater visibility and context into performance trends.

Databox annotation on graphs for history data

Historical insights

Go back to last month, quarter, or year to view Annotations left by your team and see the specifics around what drove certain spikes, dips, and trends in performance.

Databox Annotation in Insights stream

Conversations, right in your Databoards

Talk about performance right where the data lives. No more checking Slack, email, old slide decks, spreadsheets, or other places in order to understand performance.

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