How Yalla Baby Box Uses Databox To Take Action Faster & Hit Daily Goals

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    When you’re caring for little ones, it can be the little things that help you get through the day. This is even more important when you’re living abroad.

    The founders of Yalla Baby designed their brand with ex-pats in mind, helping parents living in the UAE with deliveries of custom, monthly subscription boxes featuring all the essentials – diapers, wipes, formula, and the little extras like free gifts and samples for mum and baby.

    While helping mums and dads with the little things, Yalla Baby realized they needed more help themselves. The team, guided by Co-Founder and CMO Tomas Alonso Rehor, was making daily use of metrics from over half a dozen data sources, which took time and manual work to keep track of.

    They too needed a fast and easy delivery solution, for on-demand data and metrics visibility.

    They came aboard with Databox in September 2019 and have seen a variety of improvements in their daily operations as a result.

    Keeping the Business Healthy

    Metrics are the vital signs of your business, so understanding your data at a glance can help you maintain the health of your operations before things get off track.

    That can be difficult to do when you’re collecting data from over a half-dozen places.

    Tomas, who describes himself as “obsessed with the data,” routinely monitors metrics from social media and ad channels, video channels, Shopify, Google Analytics, Klaviyo, and more. Tomas uses Databoards to easily check the vitals on Yalla Baby.

    “I like to describe it as—you get a blood test from the doctor, you find out if you’re healthy or not. This is the easy way to see how healthy the business is that day, that week, or that month.”

    With that information easily to hand, “we can take action fast.”

    Business health is not simply a matter of convenience, especially in light of recent economic shifts, explains Tomas.

    “All businesses that don’t focus on data in 2020, they’re going to cease to exist.”

    The tactics that worked over the last decade are no longer relevant, making the use of data a matter of succeeding or folding.

    “Firefighting with customers, all the frenetic back-and-forth that used to work in 2010, doesn’t work now,” explains Tomas. “If you know your data, you have an edge over your competitors. Over the long run if you know your data, what things work— and it’s not based on assumptions, but data— you have an edge.”

    Saving the Day

    While big efforts can produce results, Tomas observes that it’s the small, daily actions that have the biggest impact in the long run.

    But to keep on track manually, you need to continually monitor the data. That takes a significant amount of time, which can be hard when you have a business to run.

    ”Everyone is caught up fire-fighting in day to day operations. You forget sometimes to see the health check of what’s really happening.”

    Fortunately, Databox can keep an eye on things for you with alerts and notifications for your goals.

    “I can’t stress how helpful this is. We have a goal that we have to meet every day, and to be reminded lets us take advantage of the time that would have been lost fire-fighting.”

    On one recent occasion, this access to data allowed the team to make immediate moves to hit a target.

    The day had been particularly busy; that afternoon, an alert popped up notifying him that the daily goal wasn’t on track. With nearly three-quarters of the day gone, getting back on track would take work. When you don’t meet your daily goals, it makes it harder to meet the end goal. Tomas asked his social media team to put stories up, while he sent out SMS and email blasts to help move the numbers.

    Instead of missing their number, they exceeded it. “You add up these daily actions over time… and you’ve got amazing results,” says Tomas.

    Yalla Baby’s Top Integrations

    Sharing Knowledge

    Although Yalla Baby serves an audience in Dubai, much of the team is located in Argentina. When you’re running a decentralized team, the ability to share information quickly and easily becomes important.

    Yalla Baby uses the automatic reporting and Goal features in Databox to keep everyone on the same page.

    “The features were exactly what we were looking for,” says Tomas. The team in Argentina can get metrics data directly from big-screens in the office, and other members can take advantage of data delivered via URL, Slack, WhatsApp, or in shared screenshots.

    The automatic reporting and easy sharing capabilities mean that when meetings are held, everyone is aware of what’s happening on Goals, Scorecards, and more, without spending extra time examining a Powerpoint or a recap.

    “Everyone is happy having the whole business on one URL.”

    Keeping everyone informed takes much less time, as well. Because data is continually collected, contextualized, and visualized in Databox, old manual report-building is a thing of the past.

    Tomas has cut his reporting time by 20%, “almost one full day of work per month,” by using Databox’s automatically prepared reports and charts. The reports have been so effective and well-received that partners working on Yalla Baby are considering using Databox to better understand the data in their other businesses.

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