How GK3 Capital Uses Databox to Drive Client Revenue Growth and Provide Better Advice on Strategic Marketing Activities

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    Stuffy. Boring. Routine. These are the words that come to mind when you think of traditional financial services.

    However, in the past decade, there’s been a drastic transformation to how the financial service industry is seen by its customers. More people turn to their phones or laptops to see what’s happening in their bank accounts, stock portfolios, and in general overall wealth management. 

    As with most industries, financial service firm customers are looking for access 24/7. This demand has no doubt sparked companies to create their own apps and automate administrative tasks to reroute people to where they need to be faster. 

    Financial institutions have had legacy systems in place for quite some time. They are, however, in the midst of a digital transformation and becoming more sophisticated in how they engage with their customers.

    This is where marketing agency and consulting firm GK3 Capital comes into play. Specializing in financial services specifically, they seek to implement sales and marketing strategies that drive revenue growth in the digital world.

    Recently, we had the opportunity to sit down with one of GK3 Capital’s Operations Manager, Megan Testa, to learn more about how they’ve helped clients elevate their sales and marketing strategies.

    The Challenge

    Knowing how your sales, marketing, and business performance are all crucial components to successful businesses. There are many platforms available that offer assistance in these areas. Finding the right fit for your business and its employees is the tricky part.  

    During its search for a solution, GK3 Capital had been using HubSpot and Idashboards.

    Here are some of the challenges GK3 Capital faced in its search:

    • Software Limitations: The software the company was using had little to no flexibility to add in multiple data sources or a way to arrange the data in different formats.
    • Lack of Integrations: GK3 Capital needed a way to add in various platforms their clients were using. However, the platform they were using prior to Databox was not compatible with everything their clients needed. There was also no way to combine multiple data source metrics into targeted calculations or into a single chart.    
    • Emerging Trend Visibility: Without a way to integrate multiple data sources for a single-point-of-view dashboard, GK3 Capital could not forecast future trends. Because of this, they weren’t able to properly guide clients in thought leadership or website copy updates.

    The Solution

    After trying both HubSpot and Idashboards, the GK3 Capital found its answer with Databox. 

    Currently, GK3 Capital has 52 data sources connected for itself and its clients. These data sources include LinkedIn Company Pages, Google Sheets, HubSpot Marketing, Twitter, HubSpot CRM, Facebook Ads, Vimeo, Google Search Console, Youtube, Facebook Pages, Google Ads, Wistia, Google Analytics, Salesforce CRM, and CallRail

    GK3 Capital’s Top Integrations

    Testa and her team are using Databox’s Query Builder for Google Sheets,  CallRail, HubSpot, and Google Ads. They’re also using Data Calculations for Google Sheets, flows, social media engagement, email open rate, form submissions, and their marketing funnel.

    All of the Databoards built out by Testa’s team include ones for a call database, Google Analytics, client performance boards, MQL and SQL. GK3 Capital has dashboards for important client metrics as well as one for Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Everything they do is tested out internally prior to the client implementation. 

    • Software Limitations: The GK3 Capital team has used Databox’s Query Builder and Data Calculator to fully customize client metrics. Databox’s capabilities also provided a way for Testa’s team to gain more accurate custom metric counts.
    • Lack of Integrations: Every possible piece of internal and external software has been integrated into the Databox system.
    • Emerging Trend Visibility: With Databox’s seamless Data Source Integrations, Testa can keep a closer eye on emerging trends in GK3 Capital’s client sectors.

    The Results

    After using Databox for 2 years, GK3 Capital has added four new clients. 

    • Software Limitations: GK3 Capital was able to gain better insight into its metrics and have a more accurate count.
    • Lack of Integrations: With every data source now available on one board, GK3 Capital has streamlined all of its incoming information. This has resulted in more in-depth conversations and timely adjustments that directly impact its clients.
    • Emerging Trend Visibility: Now, the GK3 Capital team has the capability to see what’s coming down specific industries’ pipelines. They can now better advise clients on more strategic marketing activities. 

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