How Weidert Group Made a +$26k Pivot for One Client with the Help of Databox

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    Weidert Group is an Appleton, Wisconsin inbound marketing agency specializing in complex industries like industrial manufacturing. We had a chance to sit down with Reid Trier, one of Weidert’s Inbound Marketing Consultants, and discuss the incredible quick-thinking strategic marketing play they delivered for a client at the start of the Covid-19 Pandemic after discovering a huge opportunity while using Databox.

    Meet Reid Trier, Consultant at Weidert Group

    As a Consultant with Weidert, Reid spends his day-to-day taking client projects from start to finish. At any given time, he is communicating back and forth with clients, collaborating with his peers on the marketing and client teams, gathering direct feedback from his accounts, monitoring program performance, and working with writers and designers to ensure the right work gets done… it’s a multi-faceted job, and clearly, Reid wears a lot of hats.

    One of the key elements of Weidert Group’s strategies is what they call “Growth-Driven Design.” Reid explains:

    “Growth-driven design is really based on an iterative process of improvement. It’s not doing a massive website build—it’s really looking at prioritizing website items that could have the bigger impact and attacking them one by one. It’s an approach to continuously improve a website. Where Databoards come in is tracking progress over time. Of course, as you start to implement things, there are a lot of moving pieces and you want to make sure you can track them accurately over time. That’s one way we use Databox. It centralizes a lot of different things that you need to track.”

    Growth-driven design isn’t just a catchy name or idea. It’s a process that you can see reflected in many of the strategies that Weidert employs for their clients. One such strategy ended up winning a client thousands in revenue dollars, thanks to the Weidert team’s data-informed decision-making.

    The $26k Quick Pivot

    Weidert’s client, Pumptec, is a manufacturer of custom high-pressure pumps. They’re based in Anoka, Minnesota, which is just outside of the Twin Cities, and they serve a lot of different industries, like commercial cleaning and disinfection, pest control, lawn care, and agriculture.

    During the early days of the Pandemic in 2020, cleaning and disinfection were on everyone’s mind, and Pumptec had the pump technology and specifications to meet the demand. The problem they faced was a lack of brand awareness from digital marketing, so they hired Weidert.

    “At the beginning of the Pandemic, Pumptec made the realization pretty quickly that they needed to improve their online presence. Just conducting business virtually like many companies wasn’t something that they were used to doing,” Reid tells us.

    This is a common thread that tied many businesses together in early 2020. In hindsight, we know now that waiting for life to “return to normal” was not in the cards. What Pumptec needed more than anything was an online presence. 

    Taking Action

    Weidert sprung into action – on two fronts. First, they launched a paid media marketing campaign promoting Pumptec’s custom high-pressure pumps for disinfection, primarily using Google Ads.

    Reid and his co-workers learned quickly about Pumptec’s technology and customers in order to find the right search keywords and messaging for likely customers, then apply them to landing pages and the Pumptec website. Weidert simultaneously updated the website to make it more targeted and relevant for visitors from the ad campaigns and stimulate sales conversations.

    They had to take it a step further.

    Visualizing Search and PPC Data

    Trier and his team used Databox to monitor and optimize the Google Ads campaign.

    “We could see keywords that weren’t exactly performing so well, putting less budget against them, but putting budget against keywords that were really gaining traction. We could look on this dashboard and then even dig deeper going into Databox on the backend and set up different settings to make sure that the right data was displaying and that the client could see the data on their end as well… That was a key thing we did, utilizing Databox to its fullest.”

    The results?

    Pumptec has seen over $26,000 in new sales,” Reid tells us.

    Digging Deeper Into Keywords

    To get more context around keywords and page position in the SERPs, Weidert connects Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Semrush.

    Reid explains how they drill down into the data, “The position tracking is really cool. I like how you can see fluctuations and where certain keywords are positioned… what’s the number of keywords in the top 10 versus keywords 11-20? What are the fluctuations on a week-to-week basis, on a month-to-month basis? Being able to see that data is huge for us.”

    Monitoring and Measuring Success

    Reid credits Databox with the agency’s ability to make these quick, data-informed decisions.

    In order to monitor a campaign and measure its success, Weidert strategists look at a lot of different factors—keywords trending in the right direction and keywords trending in the wrong direction. Finding which ads are really leading to the most clicks and engagement on ads and generating leads. Or, they get even more granular, looking at ad design. With a number of factors, it can be difficult to nail down. Having all of the data in one place makes it a lot easier to make these decisions.

    “We’ve pivoted a lot over the last year and a half, just reacting to the data.” – Reid Trier

    Key Feature: Looped Databoards

    One of the most effective features for the Weidert Group team is Looped Databoards––a feature in Databox that allows you to connect multiple dashboards together in order to present a comprehensive story.

    “It helps to see progression in various areas,” Reid says, “The Looped Databoards really help if it’s sent to a client, or even internally, to see what focus area each dashboard is related to. Sometimes it’s good to have a separate view of data and to really see the differences.”

    More Time to Make Big Moves

    Beyond Looped Databoards, sending clients up-to-date information with the simplicity of a link has benefited the Weidert team. Reid explains, “Our client services team as a whole really benefits. They don’t have to pull custom reports and manual reports. They can just go right to the dashboard. It’s really helpful. It’s efficient. And sometimes, the client may even have access to the dashboard through a link. They can monitor things in real-time.”

    “It helps that a client can get a quick view of data on their own, whenever they’re interested. Then they can ask questions if they need any expertise from our side on that.”

    “They’re able to see the data when they want to. They’re not waiting on us to provide data or pull a report that’s very manual that’s maybe provided on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. It helps with client satisfaction in that way.”

    50+ Hours of Reporting Slashed

    The time certainly adds up quickly. Reid estimates that Databox has saved the team over 50 hours that would usually be spent pulling custom client data and creating manual reports.

    For Weidert, Databox is efficient and saves time. Manual reports that would have taken 4 or 5 hours to pull can now be sent via a link that can be shared. Multiply that by 12 months out of the year, that’s up to 60 hours saved in a single year. And when multiplied across Weidert’s many clients, you can see how it adds up. 

    Reid continues, “We’re learning a lot too, about ways to continue to make it efficient for our clients and try to optimize any process possible. A huge time-saver in that way, and something that we will continue to use because it’s been very valuable.”

    With the data at their fingertips informing every decision, a team with at least 50 extra hours of time each year across every client, and the growth-driven know-how, it’s clear we can continue to expect big moves from Reid and the team at Weidert Group.

    For more information on Weidert Group, click here.

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